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Robert Sidell

Robert Sidell has been practicing law for 43 years. He graduated with Honors from the UC Berkeley School of Law, one of the top law schools in the United States. He began his career working for a major international law firm that represented clients such as former President Ronald Reagan and business magnet Howard Hughes.  

Robert has successfully resolved many multi-million dollar personal injury cases and has handled thousands of claims over his career.  

When Robert is not working, he enjoys helping people achieve their goals and aspirations in life. He is a nationally published author and host of a weekly radio show on the #1 talk radio station in Las Vegas.

Hunter Sidell

Hunter Sidell is the son of Robert Sidell and spent his life growing up entrenched in the legal system. Hunter got to see, first hand, the harsh reality that insurance companies are always working their hardest to payout as little money as possible to prevent people from getting the financial compensation they are entitled to. He believed this was a gross injustice that he could help stop.

Hunter graduated on the Dean’s List at William S Boyd Law School. Once graduating law school, Hunter began focusing entirely on personal injury. Hunter has worked endlessly to create new strategies and techniques to maximize recoveries for the firm’s clients.  

Hunter achieved his first $1,500,000+ recovery for a client when he was 29 years old, and he was a part of the litigation team that recovered $800,000,000 for the tragic Route 91 shooting in 2017. 

Sidell Injury Law

Sidell Injury Law is an experienced personal injury law firm that has helped their clients recover tens of millions of dollars in compensation. In addition, we believe that our client's health is the most important thing. We have relationships with excellent doctors and medical practices to get you the medical care you need. Our unique expertise, knowledge, and relationships enable us to get our clients maximum financial compensation and return them to good health after an accident.

Our law firm has an adaptive strategy of applying pressure on the insurance companies in order to maximize your settlement. Insurance companies are in the business of trying to pay out as little as possible. We alter our strategies depending on the type of accident, and the insurance company we are going up against, in order to get the best possible outcome for you.

Recently, one of our clients came to our office with a case where the opposing insurance company offered $0. We got the case settled for $1,750,000.00. Strategy is absolutely crucial.

Some of the larger firms will not spend the time necessary on your case to get the maximum outcome. We limit the number of cases our office takes at any one time in order to ensure we can spend the necessary time focusing on your case.

We ONLY handle injury cases. We know our area of expertise extremely well.

As we fight to ensure that we maximize your settlement, we also have the ability to tap into our extensive legal network. If you have a type of case that we know another attorney has excelled in the past, we'll gladly partner with that attorney, using both of our law firms legal power, in order to maximize your settlement.

We care more about maximizing your earnings than our own. Our policy of putting the client first is a philosophy that has taken us far and we will continue to do so in your case.

We know that when you are injured, it can be a stressful time when you are often unsure of where to turn or who to trust. It would be our honor and privilege to guide you through the healing process.

Robert Sidell is the author of the book the Gateway, a book he wrote out of passion in order to improve the world. His book can also serve as a tool you can use to rebuild your life after a bad accident. If you are interested in hearing more about our law firm, please call us today for a free case evaluation.

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We charge no fee for an initial consultation and you won't pay anything until we have successfully gotten you a settlement from the insurance company. Check out our client reviews to see our history of satisfied clients.



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