Dog Bites

Nevada is a state with no written dog bite statute. This means that every case will be different, and every victim will have a different experience while attempting to seek compensation. While Nevada has tried to make steps forward over the past few years, dog owners continue to be released with a slap on the wrist after their dog maliciously attacks passerby. Contact a Las Vegas dog bite attorney if you or someone you know have suffered a personal injury at the jaws of a ferocious dog.

Dog Bite Legislation

Nevada follows the “One Bite Rule”, which states that a dog owner is not held liable for any personal injuries that occur when their dog bites a person for the first time, unless the owner is aware of their dog’s habit to bite without provocation. Unless the dog bites the same person multiple times, the owner will always get off Scot-free. What this ends up meaning in the end is that you, the victim, are responsible for not getting bit by dogs that you don’t know will bite you.

Dangerous dogs are classified as those which may bite or scratch at a person’s skin or limbs. If a dog attacks more than one person, it is classified as vicious. A dog can also be classified as vicious if it seriously injures someone during an attack. Owners of these vicious dogs must leash, tie up, or board the dog somewhere on their property so that it may not attack more people. They must also implant their dog with a microchip so they can track where their dog is at any given time. Additionally, the owner must pay a $50,000 insurance claim policy.

Many dog owners are in the mindset that they are innocent from and malicious activity their dogs partake in. Dog owners are liable for the harm their animal causes, particularly if their dog has been labeled as vicious by the law. A vicious dog that attacks one person twice will result in a $10,000 fine for the owner, as well as potential jail time. The dog will also be immediately put down.

Sidell Law Offices | Las Vegas, Nevada Personal Injury Attorney

We understand that it can be quite difficult to file a dog bite claim against an owner, especially one who absolutely refuses to take any responsibility for the actions of their dog or dogs. The recent steps in United States legislature now makes it clear that legislation wants to change the manner of prosecuting dog owners in the event of personal injuries arising from vicious dog attacks. Each year, 4.5 million people are injured by a dog bite, mostly children. If you or someone you know and love has suffered a personal injury caused by a dog bite, do not hesitate to contact one our experienced and successful attorneys Las Vegas Attorneys at Sidell Law. We understand this is an uncomfortable situation, but the dog owner needs to be held liable for any and all injuries caused by their pets. Contact our Las Vegas office today for your initial consultation.


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