Elder Abuse

Elder Abuse has, unfortunately, become a very common issue in today’s society, affecting the very people that birthed and cared for us. Often times we attempt to do the right thing for our parents or grandparents by putting their lives in the care of doctors and nurses working in assisted living facilities or hospitals. We trust that the experienced health personnel can take care of our older family, only to discover that they are treated unfairly in a harsh environment unfit for those that helped build this country up to what it is today. If you suspect that your loved ones are being subjected to elder abuse, contact our experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer right away. We specialize in handling elder law, especially when it comes to abuse cases. Call for a legal consultation and/or case evaluation.

The Graying Populaton

The old and “graying” of America is a relatively new phenomenon, taking place over the past few decades as medicine advances and people can live longer. The average lifespan of a human today is 78.74 years, up from 52.5 years in 1915. One in every eight people in the United States is currently over the age of 65, a large age group near retirement, ready to collect social security. This group also suffers severe medical ailments and often need assisted living, either from home or in a living facility. Many people will sing songs of “absent children” who care nothing for their parents, but this is plain wrong. Most of the time, people put their parents or grandparents in an assisted living facility for the elder’s benefit, to be around trained doctors and nurses. The facilities are meant to help the elders, but, at times, can be one of the worst places for them.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse has become most common within the assisted living facilities or other medical facilities meant to help them, unfortunately. Recently, a study has been published by the MetLife Mature Market Institute, observing the financial loss of elder abuse victims annually. What they produced wasn’t as shocking as it was saddening: Victims of personal injuries suffered through elder abuse can lose upwards of $2.9 billion annually. Elder abuse is defined as physical abuse, sexual abuse, financial exploitation, or just plain negligence.

The thought of placing your loved one in a situation like these, where they are unable to defend themselves against potential abusers, is terrifying to most people. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not the doctors you entrusted your parents’ lives with are going to harm them. These professionals are supposed to be just that- professional, which is why it’s important that the appropriate parties be held responsible for all of their actions. By speaking up, you can help put a stop to their abusiveness.

It is vital to recognize the signs of abuse occurring in places where you’re entrusted the care and safety of your parent or grandparent. For patients with dementia or Alzheimer’s, elder abuse comes in the form of psychological abuse. A worker might try to persuade your loved one to write them into a will or donate finances to them. Your loved ones might not know any better and could walk straight into a trap. In terms of physical abuse, workers or other patients might inflict bruises, cuts, bed sores, or other physical inconsistencies onto your elder. It is important for you to monitor the mood of your parent or grandparent for any changes in attitude or physical lacerations.

Sidell Law Offices | Las Vegas, Nevada Personal Injury Attorney

Elder abuse is a truly sickening offense that many have to learn about the hard way. Fortunately, it is punishable by both criminal and civil law in Las Vegas under the right circumstances. It is important that the claim against the facility and caretaker be brought immediately after discovering signs of abuse in order to prevent said abuse from happening again and cover the amount of any damage that has been inflicted on your loved one before the insurance claim. This claim can and should cover all physical, mental, and financial strain that has taken place. We want to protect and nurture our loved ones as they age and become fragile. Robert Sidell of Sidell Law will work day and night to ensure the negligent and abusive parties are held responsible for every personal injury they have inflicted. Contact us today for a consultation.


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