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Jess M. ★★★★★

I was in an accident last year in August and came on Yelp looking for an attorney. I found Robert Sidell and read some of the reviews and decided to go with him . I was glad that I did. I got to meet him my first meeting and he was able to help me out. The staff are amazing always answered when I called and were able to help with anything I needed and questions I fast. The process was very fast. Christine Robert's daughter was amazing with getting back to me with questions and she's really nice and friendly and very professional I'm glad she was able to help me and talk to me about my concerns as well . Fun fact she has great hair also ! I received a great compensation from my settlement as well. These people are wonderful and they are amazing with personal interactions and actually caring about what you're concerns are. I'm satisfied that I came here and grateful that I had an amazing outcome. I truly recommend this firm you won't regret it!

Aljamin S. ★★★★★

I was very VERY pleased and satisfied beyond any expectations with the services that Mr. Sidell and his team aka family were able to render for me. In Las Vegas, it's super common (so I've heard from police officer friends) for drivers here to not have any insurance. Well, I never thought that I'd be hit by one. Without going into too much detail, I was placed in the worst situation. Not only did the guy NOT have insurance, my insurance company offered me hardly anything for a settlement. My SUV was less than 6 months old and was not happy with with the offer. Mr. Siddell was highly recommended by family so I gave him a call and visited the office shortly after. I was warmly greeted by Karen and was offered refreshments and was given access to chocolates in the lobby  Karen came back with a drink and told me Mr. Siddell would be with me shortly. We sat and discussed the matters, various options that I was comfortable with, and finalized a plan to pursue a settlement that I was satisfied with. He was very knowledgeable with how to work with my insurance to get the most back for my settlement. After a few weeks of therapy and office visits, we reached a settlement we felt were both fair. We shared very in depth conversations together about life, shared vacation spots, and must say my experience was above and beyond my expectations. Mr. Siddell and his staff were very down to earth, up front and honest, thorough and most of all, trustworthy. Something you don't find too often in their field of expertise. I highly recommend his services and tell em Aljamin sent u!

Evelyn E. ★★★★★

I had an accident two years ago and my brother referred me to Robert Sidell after he had a great experience with him and his office. They are all very helpful and caring. They answered ALL my questions and genuinely seemed to care. It's a family based business and they really put in an extra effort to get me the best outcome in my case. I hardly ever do ratings unless I genuinely feel awesome about an experience and I definitely did with them. I would 100% recommend Robert Sidell's office to anyone who was in an accident and wants someone who will genuinely look out for them.

Jann V. ★★★★★

After getting into a bad accident we reached out Mr. Sidell and his office for guidance. After meeting with Mr. Sidell and his team we were confident that he was going to do his best to help us. His staff answered all our calls and were always happy to assist us with any questions we had. True professionalism by them. Don't waste your time and reach out to his office.


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